Activation Sessions

We define “Activation” as turning your focus into the spirit realm to see what Father is doing – just like Jesus did.  Father often shows us aspects of our identity, or teaches us Kingdom precepts, or how to operate from Heaven using spiritual principles. 

Access the Spirit Realm for your business. Discover the Heavenly Business Complex, and all the help and resources you can get there.

  • Receive the destiny scroll for your business
  • Establish your legal documents
  • Get strategy and operations advice
  • Discover aspects of your identity
    (Son, King, Priest, Tree, Bride, and more!)
  • Engage your heavenly associates
  • Build your business mountain
  • Activate your mantle and throne
  • …and more! Heaven is always surprising us!

Business Individual, Business Team,
and Group Activation options available.

* The professional services and training resources provided by Heaven Down Business™
are typically considered BUSINESS EXPENSES in the USA. Confirm with your tax professional.