Our First Principle

All of Heaven is relational. Build your intimacy with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit first.
Then they will introduce you to the heavenly help assigned to your business destiny scroll.
Don’t try to pull anything down from Heaven outside of relationship.

How we do it?

First we meet with you via Zoom to get acquainted and to ascertain where you are in your entrepreneural process.

We will discuss next steps with you and outline our basic programs to help you in your journey.

  • We have clients world-wide.
  • Our clients have projects in the billions of dollars.
  • Whether an existing company or a startup, we have resources to help you.
  • We will help you explore alternative business concepts and models.

Why we do it?

As part of our mandate to raise up Kingdom entrepreneurs, the Heaven Down paradigm offers a wonderful alternative to the current business models. Typically, we get a business idea and ask God to bless it. A better way is to find out what God wants and do it that way -- from Heaven down™.


Is the Heaven Down™ paradigm important?

How we got started

The body of Christ has entered an era where the saints in Heaven and the saints upon the earth join forces to build true Kingdom business enterprises. Learning to engage the Business Complex of Heaven can dramatically change the way you build and grow your business.

No longer do you need to scramble around trying to gain direction. Heaven already has the details worked out. This book introduces you to Heaven’s Business Complex and helps you navigate and maximize the various departments and resources of this aspect of the realms of Heaven. Never again do you have to stumble. You have all of Heaven and all of Heaven’s resources with which to engage as you conduct godly trades upon the earth. In this book you will learn to build your business, not from the earth upward, but in a superior way – from Heaven down!

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