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We take seriously our responsibility to help you learn to navigate the Heaven Down protocols for your business.

Dr. Ron Horner


(980) 221-1827

As the author of Building Your Business from Heaven Down 1.0 & 2.0, Dr. Ron is implementing these same concepts in the building of Heaven Down Business, Inc. and its parent organization, LifeSpring International Ministries, Inc. Utilzing protocols revealed by Heaven to help build, manage, and expand business, Dr. Ron has a wealth of practical and spiritual experience.

Heaven has resources to build not only your life, but also your business

Jeremy Friedman

Director/Senior Activator

(980) 221-1827

Jeremy comes from a background of sales, marketing, and business development. He has been involved with HDB since its early days. As a recent transplant to southern Florida from Long Island, New York, Jeremy is excited to help you build your business from Heaven down.

Nothing is hard because nothing is impossible.

Faith Whyte

Executive Assistant/Activator

(980) 221-1827

Faith comes with a background in the hospitality industry as well as serving as an Executive Assistant to a well-known author. Transplanted from Canada, Faith brings wisdom and solid understandings to help clients.in building their business through the Heaven down™ protocol.

Revelation will revolutionize your way of doing life.

Stephanie Shearin


(980) 221-1827

Stephanie has a strong business background in both secular and non-profit arenas. She not only serves as Dr. Horner's Executive Assistant, but also functions prolifically as a seer bringing extraordinary insight and precision to the table.

Living Spirit Forward & Heaven Down is an exciting way to live.