Cleansing the Land

Often land has suffered defilement that impacts its fruitfulness. You may have land or property that you sense unusual challenges with. Chances are that land has experienced defilement and needs to be cleansed.


1st Area of Defilement


What occurred on a particular piece of property generations ago affects that land today. Often pagan worship occurred on the land that has to be repented of. We examine the land from Heaven's perspective and work to get this area of defilement cleared.

2nd Area of Defilement

Sexual Sins

Sexual sin can defile land reducing its fruitfulness and sense of the blessing of God upon it. As we learn of this type of defilement, again, we repent for how it affected the land and get that defilement removed.

3rd Area of Defilement

Innocent Bloodshed

Whether through battles or violence, innocent bloodshed defiles land. It must be cleansed. God originally blessed the land at creation, however, the sins of men have affected it's ability to be fruitful and a blessing. As this area of defilement is dealt with in the Courts of Heaven, blessing can return.

These are the major areas of defilement that we commonly find. However, they are not the ONLY areas of defilement. We work to ascertain all the defilement upon a piece of property so the blessing of Heaven can return.

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